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Central Office Staff
Name Position Phone Fax
Mr. Brett Boggs Superintendent (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743
Dr. Daniel Kramer Asst. Superintendent (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743
Keith Lang Director of Technology (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743
Todd Glenn Director of Maintenance (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743
Meagan Wilks Director of Special Services (574) 491-2555 (574) 491-2124
Lyle Butt Co-Director of Transportation (574) 353-7145 (574) 353-7743
Jessica McFarland Treasurer (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743
Jennifer Barden Deputy Treasurer (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743
Dawn Rowland Secretary/Receptionist (574) 353-7741 (574) 353-7743

TVSC Belief Statements

¨ We value and model respect,
   courtesy, self-discipline, and
   concern for everyone. 

¨ We value moral character
   development, positive
   attitudes, and teamwork for 
   all students and staff.

¨  We value a safe school
    atmosphere for all students, 
    staff and families that is
    warm, caring, and

¨ We value education, lifelong
   learning, and excellence in
   academics, the arts,
   athletics, and life skills.

¨ We value each and every
   student and believe that
   every student can learn
   and achieve.

¨ We value all students, staff
   and community members
   as partners in providing a
   positive and respectful
   learning environment.

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